Short Stories

Trooper’s Tomatoes


Trooper’s Tomatoes is a wonderful story about a “tomato-eating” dog. It’s a very sweet and touching story about two beloved friends who have continued to enrich our lives long after their departure from this world. 


The Rise and Fall of a Weeping Willow

Published in GreenPrints Gardening Magazine




I Dreamed of Organic Gardening – A Gardening Fairy Tale



Betsy Bearden is a published writer and the author of a self-published cookbook, Normal People Eat Tofu, Too. She has worked as a volunteer chef and cooking instructor at The Kroger School of Cooking in Alpharetta, Georgia under the direction of Chef Bernard Kinsella, and Chef John Szymanski.She is a regular contributing writer for Life Grocery’s Life Line Newsletter; has worked as a reporter for The Paulding Neighbor Newspaper; is published in GreenPrints Gardening Magazine, and in nine issues of State by State Magazine/Georgia Gardening.

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You can reach Betsy at 404-831-0707 or at Betsy Bearden


Betsy Bearden

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