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We offer SEO website content that guarantees you will rank higher on Bing, Yahoo, and Google by providing original and thoroughly researched material specific to your business, services or products.


Blogs are a great way to invite clients to visit your website and to keep them informed about your business and local events.


We provide content for most any subject matter from technical papers, automobiles, and construction to incontinence products, healthcare and even crime scene cleanup.

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Higher Rankings with Keywords

Keywords still rule when it comes to higher internet ranking.

Reasonable Turnaround Time

Each project will be unique and will require different time limits according to what you need.

Competitive Rates

We charge a flat, per-word rate for everything we do.

Creative Writes™ writing services in Atlanta provides professional SEO website content that will make your site easier to find on the Internet. All content is based upon the current edition of “The Associated Press Stylebook.” We stay up to date to ensure your company stays up to date. Creative writing takes a lot of skill. In order to write effective SEO website content that search engines will pick up, it must be relevant.

The content needs to be written by using the proper keywords according to the subject matter in order to be engaging. Google can spot a phony article or campaign from miles away, so your content needs to come across as being believable.

Have you ever visited a website where you were subjected to an endless list of keywords strung into a sentence that did not make any sense? We write real sentences here, and they will provide you guaranteed better rankings on Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

More business is conducted over the Internet these days and your website is the greatest “sales team” you have. Creatively written text is the most cost-effective marketing tool you have. We will help people to find you by using market-specific keywords that are guaranteed to drive more traffic to your website.


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Product Description for Christopher Bean Coffee:

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? This is the perfect coffee for a cold blustery day or a long winter’s night. Flavored with perfectly roasted hazelnuts, caramel, vanilla, a hint of coconut, and a dusting of snowy white chocolate, this comforting blend will make you face unafraid all those holiday plans you’ve made.

If you are looking for a writer in Atlanta who can provide SEO website content, creatively written advertisements, or creative product descriptions, then you have found the “write” source—Creative Writes™ provides professional writing services in Atlanta and beyond.

Our goal is to help you to create or re-create your website with professional and well-written words that will get your company noticed.

We provide value at affordable prices.

Creative Writes provides professional writing services for websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers, and more. We write content for the following businesses: automobile dealerships, dentists, orthodontists, beauty products, chiropractors, pharmacies, veterinarians, incontinence products, heating and air conditioning, crime scene cleanup, roofing, painting, general construction, real estate, vacation rentals, web designers, engineering, entertainment, coffee roasters, bakeries, but that’s not all: We provide professional writing services for anything you need. You need it; we write it—it’s as simple as that.



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