Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Betsy Bearden – Creative Writer  

Betsy is a graduate of Kennesaw State University where she studied Creative Writing. She is a published writer and cookbook author and has worked as a volunteer chef and cooking instructor at The Kroger School of Cooking in Alpharetta, Georgia under the direction of Chef Bernard Kinsella, and Chef John Szymanski.

She is proficient in Web content development for a wide variety of subject matter. She has been a contributing writer for Life Grocery’s Life Line Newsletter since 2007; has worked as a reporter for The Paulding Neighbor Newspaper; is published in GreenPrints Gardening Magazine. She is also published in nine issues of State-by-State Magazine/Georgia Gardening; is a member of the Georgia Writers Association; and has written numerous articles for websites, businesses, and individuals as listed on the Portfolio Page.

Joseph Kelly – Writer  

Joseph is an experienced writer in the professional and academic realms. He has a working knowledge of international and domestic marketing strategies. He specializes in the British, Dutch, and American markets. His experience comes from living and working abroad. He has the skills to adapt easily to the requirements of clients in a diverse range of markets. His attention to detail and steadfast work ethic makes him a key team member. We are happy to have Joseph as an integral part of Creative Writes Writing Services of Atlanta.


Betsy Bearden

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